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Odd Fellow/Rebekah

Ninth Annual Incoming Noble Grand & Vice Grand Seminar

It is time to start thinking about attending this years Grand Lodge and Rebekah Assembly’s sponsored Incoming Noble Grand and Vice Grand Seminar. This year all members are invited and encouraged to attend. There will be a special and separate two-hour session for all Odd Fellow secretaries and treasurers who attend. This year’s session will again be held at Santa Nella, Ramada Inn, on December 11 and 12 and yes, it will include an over night stay. The seminar will begin promptly at
11:00 AM on Saturday and run until about 1:30 PM on Sunday. There will be several breaks during the day and a dinner served that evening. After dinner, we will reconvene for a short time. In the morning, there will be a big breakfast with a welcome from the Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, Grand Warden of Grand Lodge for the Odd Fellows and the President, Vice-President and Warden of Rebekah Assembly for the Rebekahs. There also will be a guest speaker during dinner. The enrollment fee is $150 per person if you share a room with another student or $175 for single occupancy. This charge includes all copies of all presentation material, as well as the hotel charges, 2 meals (dinner and breakfast), snacks and coffee in the conference rooms.
The purpose of the seminar is to prepare the members for the Leadership of their Lodge. To give them the material, the knowledge, the confidence and the leadership skill that is required to lead a lodge through a year of fun, excitement and fellowship. A year you can look back upon and be proud for all the lodge’s accomplishments. This seminar is opened to all members of your lodge to whatever your position within the lodge, you will have the opportunity to meet with your pears, talk about common problems and maybe even come up with some new solutions. No matter who you are, you can contribute and learn from this seminar. It is a great weekend that you will not want to miss. Every lodge should send at least one person to the seminar but there is no limit.

Please fill out the form below, with a check made out to Grand Lodge of CA and send it to the NG Seminar Chairman,

Peter Sellars
23286 Clawiter Road
Hayward , CA 94545

Phone: 415-861-1737, e-mail (for the Odd Fellows).

For Rebekahs, make checks Payable to Rebekah Assembly of CA send it to:  

Mary Lou Lang
11220 Monterey Court
Cupertino , CA 95014

Phone: 408-252-3954 Email:

If you do not know who will be the incoming Vice Grand, then you can leave the name blank and send the name to us at a later time. Money needs to be in by December 6.
We will assign you a roommate if needed.

Name of Delegate _____________________________ Age ______
Members Address ________________________________________
______________________________________ Zip ______________
Members Telephone (_____)_______________________
Incoming Office in Lodge _________________
Lodge Name _________________________________________ No. ______
Odd Fellow Seminar: _______ Rebekah Seminar: ________
Double Occupancy ($150) ___
Single Occupancy ($175) ___
Room Mate Needed?_______
Special Needs?__________________________________________



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