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Candy Wrapper:

Rebekah Fold-Out Small:  Rebekah Fold

Rebekah Creed & Songs Card:  Rebekah

Rebekah Minute-Form:  Rebekah Minute

Rebekah Line up:

Rebekah Tri-Fold Brochure for hand outtri-fold

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Religious Views: ..\..\MSPubData\Mary Lou Brochures - Religious




Rebekah Candy Wrapper:

You can get 12 on one page. Cut them out and use for table favors.

Wrap them around Hursey miniatures and use a rub on glue to hold.

Rebekah Creed Cards:

Front of Card:


Opening Ode

Brothers of our mystic union

Sisters of our social band

Here in peaceful pure communion,

We at Friendship’s altar stand.

Love unfurls her banner o’er us

Truth will guide us on our way

Faith illumine the path before us

Hope a future bright display.

Charity that faileth never

Calls to worship at her shrine,

Here we bow and pledge forever,

Labor in her cause divine.

When the clouds of sin and sadness

Shroud in gloom the weary head,

There in peace, and joy,

and gladness

Shall the light of Love be shed.


Closing Ode

Good night! a truthful, kind adieu;

May joy be with you all,

Who here the social bond renew

And love our sacred hall.

Good night!

Our Order’s triple chain

Keep ever strong and bright,

Each evil act and thought restrain,

Adieu! Good night! Good Night!

Back of Card:

I am A Rebekah

I believe in the Fatherhood of God,

the Brotherhood of man,

and the Sisterhood of woman.

I believe in the Watch-words of our Order -

Friendship, Love and Truth.

Friendship - is like a golden chain

that ties our hearts together.

Love - is one of our most precious gifts,

the more you give,

the more you receive.

Truth - is the standard by which we value people.

It is the foundation of our society.

I believe that my main concern

should be my God,

my family, and my friends.

Then I should reach out

to my community

and the world,

for in God's eyes,

we are all

Brothers and Sisters.

I am a Rebekah.



A Membership Banner:

































A Rebekah TRI-FOLD Hand Out:



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A Rebekah FOUR-FOLD Hand Out (use pink paper):




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Odd Fellows



The Three Link



Striving to make this world

a better place in which to live.





“Friendship, Love and Truth”




“To Improve and Elevate the Character
of Man through the Promotion of
Universal Brotherhood”


History of Odd Fellowship

In 17th century England, it was odd to find people organized for the purpose of giving aid to those in need and of pursuing projects for the benefit of all mankind. Those who belonged to such an organization were called “Odd Fellows”.

The Independent Order of Odd Fellows was founded on the North American continent in Baltimore, Maryland, on April 26, 1819 when Thomas Wildey and four members of the Order from England instituted Washington Lodge No. 1. This lodge received its charter from the Manchester Unity of Odd Fellows in England.

Odd Fellowship became the first national fraternity to include both men and women when it adopted the beautiful Rebekah Degree on September 20, 1851. This Degree is based on teachings found in the Holy Bible, and was written by the Honorable Schuyler Colfax who was Vice President of the United States, 1868 to 1873.


Who May Become a Member?

A man or woman of good character, whose life and acts have been worthy and honorable, is eligible for membership. It is required that a member, in good standing, recommend the candidate as worthy of sharing the duties and enjoying the privileges of Odd Fellowship.

Odd Fellowship strictly forbids any interference with one’s religious beliefs or political opinions, either directly or indirectly. It requires acknowledgment of God and complete obedience of civil laws.


What is Odd Fellowship?

A simple explanation would be: Odd Fellowship is a world wide Fraternal Organization, based on a belief in the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man. Through its teachings and ceremonies, it seeks to elevate the character of man, and thereby make this world a better place in which to live. It exemplifies this belief through active involvement in charitable work on various projects in our communities, states and nation. It must be emphasized that Odd Fellowship is not a religion. Odd Fellowship does, however, require that you are 18 years or older, must believe in a Supreme Being, the Creator and Preserver of the Universe, be of good moral character, and be loyal to their country.


A Family Fraternity

We in Odd Fellowship encompass the whole family. We all believe in the same principles, but separate our members for meetings. Odd Fellow Lodges use to be for the men and Rebekah Lodges for the women, but now both can join either lodge. The Rebekahs and Odd Fellows work together on many projects. A very important part of Odd Fellowship is the Junior Lodge (for boys 8-21) and Theta Rho Clubs (for girls 8-21). Our young members are offered interesting, enjoyable and educational opportunities that will assist them during this important phase of their lives. We feel Odd Fellowship is truly a family oriented Fraternity, finding an interest for all members of the family.


Homes - Camps - Parks

             California Odd Fellowship has assumed an obligation to care for the aged, widows and children. The Odd Fellows Home at Saratoga, which replaced the one established in 1895 near Oroville, has provided a home for nearly 4,000 Odd Fellows, their wives or widows and Rebekahs since its founding in 1912. The home is now open to the public. Construction of phase II was completed in 2005, with two apartment buildings, new cottages and retrofitting of the old building. It became a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), with independent living, assisted living and a skilled nursing facility. It is now one of the most beautiful retirement communities in the state.

In 1992 California Odd Fellowship purchased the four year old multi-million dollar “Meadows of Napa Valley”, senior living facility in Napa, which has been expanded to provide for independent living, assisted living and a 69 bed skilled nursing facility. More than 300 residents call The Meadows home. The 100% occupancy rate at The Meadows is a good indication of the quality of service and accommodations.


Fellowship Plaza, also located in Saratoga, was built in 1979, and has 150 independent living apartments for seniors on limited incomes. It maintains a waiting list  for future admissions.

For nearly 100 years the Odd Fellow Rebekah Children’s Home of California, located at Gilroy, has been serving the needs of children unable to remain in their own homes. Originally an orphanage for children related to Odd Fellows and Rebekahs, the core of the Home’s current services are residential treatment, wrap around and foster care for seriously abused children.

The Three Link Camp in Tuolumne County was founded in 1958, and provides a summer camping program for children and families, camping and RV facilities, and year around recreation facilities. Other Odd Fellow recreation areas include Odd Fellows Sierra Park, Odd Fellows Russian River Park and Redding Odd Fellows Camp in Shasta County.

Fraternal Visitation

  Being an Odd Fellow or Rebekah entitles you to visit any lodge in any city or community in the United States, Canada or the twenty five other nations where lodges meet. The influence of Odd Fellowship is spreading throughout the world as new lodges are established.


California Odd Fellowship

             The “Three Link Fraternity” was officially established in California on September 9, 1849, with the institution of California Lodge No. 1 in San Francisco. This was one year before California was admitted to the Union. From this modest beginning soon many Lodges were established throughout California.

                 Coping with ever changing conditions throughout our universe, maintaining a viable service driven organization, dealing with important environmental, social and community service issues, and charting a future course for growth and prosperity are among the many goals of Odd Fellows and Rebekahs throughout California and the world.

In addition to local community service, California Odd Fellowship is involved with medical support and research into arthritis, diseases of the eye and heart disease; education, through scholarships and student loan programs; drug abuse prevention; and numerous other service and education related programs.



Independent Order of Odd Fellows


Grand Lodge of California
14500 Fruitvale Avenue 
P.O. Box 2669 
Saratoga, California 95070 
(408) 947-9977  Phone       (408) 947-9988  Fax



             Genuine Friendship, which hears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things, is the first step toward progress and personal enrichment, and the teachings of Temperance, Prudence and Justice.

                 Love is the basis for all life’s ambitions, service to humanity and more family oriented.

Truth, the imperial virtue, promotes economic stability, equality under law, freedom of enterprise, the highest of ethical standards and lasting peace, the ultimate goal of fraternity.

Universal Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God is imperative to the survival of the world, and can be accomplished only through the practice of fellowship and understanding among all peoples and nations.



I believe in the Fatherhood of God, and the Brotherhood of Man; 
I believe in Friendship, Love and Truth as basic guides to the ultimate destiny of all mankind: 
I believe my home, my church or temple, my lodge and my community deserve my best work, my modest pride, my earnest faith and my deepest loyalty, as I perform my duty “to visit the sick, relieve the distressed, bury the dead, and educate the orphan” and as I work with others to build a better world because, in spirit and in truth, I am and always must be grateful to my Creator, faithful to my Country and fraternal to my fellow man: 



Additional Information

Additional Information about Odd Fellows, Rebekahs and other units of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows may be obtained by contacting:


Religious Views

Three Link

 Independent Order of Odd Fellows


Odd Fellowship & Religion

                            Odd Fellowship respects all recognized religions, and we encourage our members to faithfully support the religion of their choice. To become an Odd Fellow or Rebekah you must be grateful to your Creator, faithful to your country, and fraternal to your fellow-man. In our lodge rooms we meet for mutual counsel, the relief of distress, and the elevation of human character.



Rev. Dr. M. D. Hart
Southern Baptist Church
West Jefferson,
North Carolina

“For 47 years I have served Southern Baptist Churches in five states, led church-building programs, and organized three Baptist churches. I have been an Odd Fellow for 36 years, and I find great fellowship in our meetings. As a Baptist Pastor I am proud to be a part of what Odd Fellowship is doing all around the world.”


Catholic Church 

Rev. Mons. Titian Miani

St. Luke’s Church

Stockton, California 

“Centuries ago a wise old monk remarked that if people realized the peace and tranquility that could be found in his monastery, they would come flocking to enter it. I would like to add to that bit of wisdom. If you knew the sense of fulfillment and warm brotherhood that could be found among our lodge brothers, our Order would be besieged with applicants. The Independent Order of Odd Fellows supports and encourages the good work of the church.”

Noble Grand
Scio Lodge #102
Linden, California

Jefferson Lodge #38
West Jefferson, North Carolina



 Rev. Cela Fugate
First Christian Church
Kellerton, Iowa

“As an ordained minister of the Christian Church, I have always worked and enjoyed my Rebekah Lodge and the beautiful degree work taken from the Holy Bible. I have learned nearly all charges in the Rebekah Degree, and on many occasions I have served as both a minister and a Rebekah at funerals and on other occasions.”

Past Noble Grand

Valentine Rebekah Lodge #528
Kellerton, Iowa


Rt. Rev. Charles Worrell

Bishop, Southern
Episcopal Church

Nashville, Tennessee

“Odd Fellowship encompasses those high and noble teachings which make us better men. As a Clergyman I find great personal satisfaction in my membership in an organization which supports the teachings of my faith. While not a religious organization, a respect for everyone’s religion proves it to be composed of individuals of a faith. This association is second only to my allegiance to the Church. Odd Fellowship truly is good fellowship!”

Grand Secretary of Tennessee

Tennessee Lodge #1

Nashville, Tennessee


Rabbi David Schnitzler
Rego Park Jewish Center
Rego Park, New York

“Joining and actively participating in the many faceted activities of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows gave me a feeling of accomplishment, complementing my functions at the synagogue. While not a religious order, our fraternity encompasses the noble ideals set forth in the Holy Bible and are harmonious with the Jewish religion.”

 Past District Deputy Grand Master

Grand Lodge of New York  

Latter Day Saints

Jim Kotyk, Elder

Church of Jesus Ch,ist
of Latter Day Saints

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“I have enjoyed my 35 years of membership in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. The teachings of the Order which come from the Bible encourage the members to live according to the Golden Rule. I have experienced great growth from my participation in the Order and have learned to appreciate the many noble men and women in the Fraternity who have set great examples in their quest to make this world a better place in which to live.”

Past Grand

Hillhurst Lodge #46
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

United Church
of Canada

Pastor Steve Wilson
Pastoral Charge

United Church of Canada
Kenton, Manitoba, Canada

All people are called equally to faithfully respond and share in the responsibility, duty, and freedom of the endeavor in seeking wholeness in their relationship, with God and neighbor. Odd Fellowship’s aim of universal equality of humankind supports, uplifts and empowers that faithful response. Equality, worthiness and acceptance of all people are lofty and noble aspirations. My Christian faith and fraternal obligations are Inseparable in the acceptance of the teaching “that all may be one”.

Grand Master of Manitoba
Rapid City Lodge #18 and Advisor
Valleyview Junior Lodge #2 Rapid City, Manitoba, Canada

United Methodist

Rev. Daniel E. Bannan, Jr.
Union United

Methodist Church

 No. Wilkesboro, North Carolina

 “My experience with Odd Fellowship, has led me to discover an increasing depth of witness to the faith of the members. Already, leaders in their religious communities, they are strengthened by the Biblically-based degrees to greater faith and action. From the Initiation through to the funeral ritual, God is kept at the center of the member’s life, and provides the impetus for fellowship and benevolent action which is so needed in our age of selfishness.”

Noble Grand
Union Odd Fellows Lodge #331
No. Wilkesboro, NC


 Rev. Leo D. Bums, C.S.B.

Basilian Fathers of Etobicoke

Chaplain - Cathedral

Boys High School

Hamilton, Ontario

“The beautiful thing about Odd Fellowship for me is that each Brother and Sister respects the personal beliefs of each other and yet the three links of Odd Fellowship binds us together into a close-knit family despite our varying backgrounds, as the practice of Friendship, Love, and Truth is the aim and goal of every religion.”

 Grand Warden of Ontario
Sudbury Lodge #282
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Odd Fellowship & Religion

                   We are taught on the threshold of Odd Fellowship to have reverence for God, to be industrious, and to act upon the Golden Rule, which requires us to do unto others as we would that they should do unto us. It should be made clear that Odd Fellowship is NOT a religion.

                  We are eager to welcome all honorable men and women of high moral character as members of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, but we want our members to continue their dedication to their church or temple. 


For additional Information contact:
The Sovereign Grand Lodge, IOOF
422 Trade Street • Phone (336) 725-5955
Winston-Salem, NC 27101-2830




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