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     Grand Lodge of California Web Site

    Visual Research Foundation of California         

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Additional Informational and Promotional Materials: (Prices are subject to change.)

  1. “Instructions” for Rebekah Lodges “Yellow Book”. Issued by the Rebekah Assembly of California 1999, for $3.00.

  2. A “Charge Book” (a mini Ritual), Issued by the International Rebekah Assemblies and the Sovereign Grand Lodge, for $7.00, plus tax and shipping.

  3. A New Member Green Folder and Member Certificate signed by the President of the Rebekah Assembly, free - one to each new member.

All available from: the Rebekah Assembly Secretary, Margareut Oleson, PO Box 637, Gilroy, CA 95021-0637 Phone (408) 842-2842 FAX (408) 842-3332


Grand Lodge of California

  1. “The Three Link Fraternity-Odd Fellowship in California, Compiled by Don R. Smith, Past Sovereign Grand Master and Wayne Roberts, Past Chairman, Board of Directors of California; available from The Grand Lodge or Rebekah Assembly of California for $ 5.00.

  2. “Instructions” for Odd Fellow Lodges “Red Book”. Issued by the Grand Lodge of California 1997, cost is $1.20, plus tax and shipping.

  3. “Code of General Laws of the Independent Order Of Odd Fellows” + updates.

  4. “Robert’s Code of California Odd Fellows Laws” for the printed version Of 2010. A CD version, latest level, is also available from Grand Lodge for $10.00.

All available from: Grand Lodge of California, , Grand Secretary, 14414 Oak Street # B, Saratoga, CA 95070 -  Phone Number    (408) 867 - 0231 or FAX (408) 867-6272 E-mail:

Pamphlets For Free: Available from  Grand Lodge of California

1. Applications for Membership

2. A Fraternal Experience

Items for a Charge: Available from  Grand Lodge of California

1. Odd Fellows Charge Book ($7)

2. Red Instruction Handbook ($1.20)

3. The California Odd Fellow Rebekah Paper” a quarterly publication, for subscriptions send $6.00 a year to; Grand Lodge of CA, 14414 Oak Street Suite B, Saratoga, CA 95070. Odd Fellows Subscriptions are included in their Grand Lodge Dues.


Send Lodge news articles to: Carol Fraher, 1365 DeSoto AVE, Burlingame, CA

or e-mail them to:


I.O.O.F. & California G.L.Web Site address: WWW.IOOF.ORG or

Growth by Action: Chairman: Pete Sellars, 

                            Phone 1 (510) 382-1890 or FAX (415)861-1737

Odd Fellow - Rebekah Children’s Home

Available From

Odd Fellow - Rebekah Children’s Home

290 IOOF Avenue

Gilroy, CA 95020

(408) 864-2100

Odd Fellows Home at Saratoga:

Available From:                    Odd Fellows Home of Saratoga, 

                                                                        14500 Fruitvale Ave.

Saratoga, CA 95070

(408) 741-7100

Fellowship Plaza Retirement Housing:

Available From:                        Odd Fellows Fellowship Plaza

14520 Fruitvale Ave.

Saratoga, CA 95070

(408) 867-1105

The Meadows Retirement Housing:

Available From:                    The Meadows of Napa Valley

1800 Atrium Parkway

Napa, CA 94559

(707) 257-7885

Three Links Youth & Recreation Camp:

Available From:                    Odd Fellow - Rebekah Youth Camp

21950 Highway 108

MiWuk Village, CA 95346

(209) 586-5500

Learning Materials:

*Prices do not include shipping:

  1.  Membership Handbook ($3)

2. Improving Your Leadership Skills ($1)


3. Internal Development Program ($1)

4. Noble Grand - Vice Grand Manual ($25)

5. A-B-C’s of Parliamentary Procedures ($1)

6. How t Have Successful Meetings ($1)

7. Meetings Protocol & Customs ($1)

8. Improving Your Interpersonal Skills ($1)

9. Time Management ($1)

10.  Laminated Prompt Cards ($2) - Opening/Closing Lodge, Escorting & Balloting

All  ten Available From:                                  Don & Mary Lou Lang

11220 Monterey Court

Cupertino, CA 95014




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