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Membership Manual

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The Odd Fellow & Rebekah Story 

        Simply put into words

The Odd Fellow & Rebekah Story

The Odd Fellows and Rebekahs are two of the oldest world wide Fraternal Orders. Although some books claim to trace Odd Fellowship back to Roman times when members of the Roman Legions in England were called “Fellow Citizens”, what is said to be the earliest printed record of an Odd Fellows Lodge appears in a reference to a lodge meeting at a Globe Tavern in England, in 1748. The Lodge was number nine, so apparently there were at least nine associated Odd Fellows lodges at that time.

The Independent Order of Odd Fellows became active on this continent, on April 26th, 1819 in Baltimore, Maryland. The lodge was started with four brothers from England, by Thomas Wildey. Odd fellowship is a mutual assistance Order in which men and women are banded together as Brothers and Sisters, pledged to assist each other whenever the need arises.

Odd Fellowship conducts a Pilgrimage each year to the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington, where, in the Trophy Room, hangs our highest jewel of merit, the Grand Decoration

Of Chivalry, bestowed upon the Unknown Soldier by permission of the Federal Government. We are the only non-military organization given the honor of bestowing an award upon the Unknown Soldier.

The Odd Fellows were the first organization that organized lodges for women. Schuyler Colfax, Vice President of the United States under President Ulysses S. Grant, was the force behind the movement. The Odd Fellows were the first group to form Homes for their aged members, the first such home was in Pennsylvania. We also have lodges for boys and girls, Junior Odd Fellows and Theta Rho. We also have youth camps and aid for education through Scholarships. Many odd fellow lodges also maintain cemeteries and mausoleums.


  (What you can tell others)

Membership Degrees


In 1880 the Sovereign Grand Lodge established the degrees in current form which conform to our motto, “Friendship, Love and Truth”. Every Odd Fellow will find that all the beauties of the original degrees were woven into and form the four degrees of our contemporary lodge work.



The Initiatory Degree is intended to make a lasting impression on the individuals receiving it. Its mission is to remind the initiates of the vanity of earthly things; the frailty and inevitable decay of human life; and the fact that wealth has no power to stop the sureness of eventual death.

The new member is urged to dedicate his life to works of charity and good will, and to govern his relations by the principles of Friendship, Love and Truth. He is pledged to make the obligations and duties of Odd Fellowship a part of himself every day.

Symbols for the Initiatory Degree: The All-Seeing Eye represents the eternal presence of the eye of God upon all of us, day and night. The Three Links represent the principles of Friendship, Love and Truth, binding our members in an enduring union. The Skull and Crossbones remind us of mortality and warn us to so conduct ourselves on earth that Heaven may be our reward hereafter. The Scythe reminds us that as the grass falls before the mower’s scythe, so we to fall before the touch of time. The symbolic color of this degree is white.


The First Degree or The Degree of Friendship recognizes that man is a part of a universal brotherhood. An Odd Fellow is entitled, as a right, to receive the aid and council and protection of his fellow members, when in distress or in difficult situations. He is also obliged to give aid, counsel and protection when the situation is reversed.

The first principle of Odd Fellowship is thus termed Fraternity, the universal fraternity of all mankind. The teachings of this degree are founded upon the Friendship of Jonathan and David, as related in the Old Testament Book of 1st Samuel, and remind us of the use of the bow and arrow by Jonathan to warn David of great danger.

Symbols for the First Degree: The Bow, Arrows and Quiver remind us of Jonathan and David and the covenant made between them. They also remind members to make all laudable efforts to aid a brother when he is in distress. The Bundle of Sticks symbolizes the strength of union. While one single stick is easily broken, a bundle of sticks cannot be easily broken-thus the members of the Order unite to form an unbreakable force to genuine brotherhood. The symbolic color for this degree is pink.


The Second Degree is the degree of Brotherly Love and the second link in the chain of Odd Fellowship is Love, without which neither the first - Friendship - nor the last - Truth - is of real value. This degree exemplifies the story of the Good Samaritan and teaches that brotherly love extends its helping hand to those who suffer, regardless of race, creed or nationality.

The symbols for the second degree: The Ax is the emblem of progress, reminding members that, in the hand of the woodsman, it is used to fell the trees of the forest and make way for progress. The Heart and Hand refer to the help which an Odd Fellow should give to a brother who is in need, and the spirit in which help is to be given. The hand of a true Odd Fellow should always be open to the needs of other members of the order. The heart should always go with the hand. The Globe reminds us that we are citizens of the world and suggests that Odd Fellows reach out their helping hands throughout the world whenever and wherever possible. The Ark replicates the Ark of the Covenant, made under direction of Moses, following instructions from God. The Ark was the receptacle of the stone tablets on which were inscribed the Ten Commandants. The Serpent teaches us that without wisdom to control our actions we would be like a rudderless ship. The symbolic color for this degree is blue.


The Third Degree is the Scarlet Degree or the Degree of Truth and the Priestly Order. It represents Truth as the basic principle of sentiment and action, and signifies Truth as the basic foundation for all our principles. The voice of truth speaks through forms and symbols as well as words. In fact, Truth is sometimes more effectively taught by emblems than by words.

Symbols for the Third degree: The Scales and Sword are an emblem representing Justice executed, and emphasize the importance we place on justice, which must prevail for all without distinctions between rich and poor, high and low, or learned and unlearned. The Holy Bible is the source of the doctrine of faith, and provides rules for the proper conduct of life. The Hour Glass reminds us of the passing of time, and the shortness of human life on earth. We are admonished to do good for our fellow man. The Coffin is the final symbol, another reminder of the mortality of man’s body and the certainty of death. We are admonished to live life in ways that will lay up treasures for us in Heaven. The symbolic color of this degree is scarlet.



The basic unit for women in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows is the Rebekah Lodge, which any woman who meets the moral, ethical and age requirement for admission may join. She need not be related to an Odd Fellow. In California, she must be at least 18 years old, must be of good moral character, be loyal to her country and believe in a Supreme Being.

Odd Fellows may join a Rebekah Lodge after they have received the Third Degree. The Rebekah Degree was established in 1851 after much debate. Largely responsible for its existence is Schuyler Colfax, who later became Senator and Vice President of the United States.

The general duties of the members of this unit are, “To live peaceably, do good unto all, as we have opportunity and especially to obey the Golden Rule, Whatsoever ye would that others should do unto you, do ye even so unto them.” At the very threshold of the Lodge Room the candidates for this degree are required to affirm their belief in a Supreme Being, the Creator and Preserver of the Universe. The meetings of the Rebekah Degree are always opened and closed with prayer, an open Bible is always present and an important officer is the Chaplain.

The Rebekah Degree is designed for women, and therefore its ritual and lectures are based upon the characters of notable women whose names have been immortalized in Biblical history. First is Rebekah, whose kindness and hospitality to a humble and unknown stranger portrayed the nobility and grandeur of her character. Other notable women of Biblical history whose characters and virtues form the basis for the Rebekah Degree are Sarah, the wife of Abraham; Miriam, the sister of Moses; The mother of Samson whose name is unknown; Deborah, a prophetess, poet, and judge in Israel; Hanna, the mother of Samuel; Ruth, the Moabite maiden who became a devout Israelite; and Esther, the lovely Jewish maiden who became the wife of a Persian King. They were famous for their loyalty to truth, for their patriotism, for civic and national services, for humanitarianism, and for devotion to God and the cause of righteousness among men.

The emblems employed in the work of the degree, each having a beautiful significance and an appropriate application, are: The Beehive, a representation of cooperative industry teaching the advantages of united efforts in all the noble ministries of the Order; The Moon and Seven Stars represents the never failing order which pervades the universe of God and all of nature, and suggest to the members the value of system, regularity and precision in all worthy undertakings; The Dove, a universally recognized emblem of peace, has this significance in the Rebekah Degree. Through the mission of love and charity, of tolerance and forbearance, Rebekahs are to strive to bring happiness to others and to promote “Peace on earth and good will to men.” The Lily, regarded for untold ages as the emblem of purity, is a fitting symbol of the purity of character, of thought, of word, and of action which should always be found and manifested in the heart and life of members of the Rebekah Lodge.

Where do I fit in?

LODGES: of California

On December 31, 2009, we have:

Odd Fellow Lodges # 149 and 4969 Members (Plus 401 Associates )

                   (California had a net gain of 34 Members in 2002)

 Rebekah Lodges # 98 and 3000 Members (Plus 100 associate members)



Some Jurisdictions are broken up into Areas and/or Districts for the Odd Fellows and the Rebekahs, each having a District Deputy appointed by the Grand Master or Rebekah Assembly President.


            Jurisdiction of California

JURISDICTIONS: (States & Provinces)

Almost all the States in the United States and the Providence of Canada have their own Jurisdiction.



The Sovereign Grand Lodge (SGL) and International Association of Rebekah Assemblies (IARA) Offices are located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The SGL & IARA Sessions are held annually during the third week in August in different states in the United States or Canada. There are over 50 Jurisdictions. One for nearly each state and Canadian Province. Every Grand Lodge or Encampment sends one or two representatives, depending on membership. Rebekahs send one representative to IARA. SGL controls changes to the rituals used by all units of the Order.

Affiliated Degrees



There are other units of the Order known as Encampments. This is open to any Third Degree member. This organization within Odd Fellows confers three additional Degrees - The Patriarchal, Golden Rule and Royal Purple Degree on its members. The membership of each Encampment is usually drawn from several Odd Fellow Lodges in an Area.

The LEA or Ladies Encampment Auxiliary is open to any Rebekah Sister and usually meets on the same night as the Encampment. These Degrees are based on Faith, Hope and Charity.


Patriarchs Militant Degree:

An Encampment member who has attained the Royal Purple Degree may join this semi-military organization. They wear uniforms but accept non-uniformed members. This Degree is based upon the principle of Universal Justice and is intended to be purely military and for the purposes of display.

The LAPM or Ladies Auxiliary of the Patriarchs Militant is opened to any Rebekah Sister. One of its services to Odd Fellowship is providing first aid through their Hospital Corps. In California, the uniformed degrees are working on forming disaster-preparedness teams.

Junior Odd Fellows:

Junior Lodges are open to any boy between the ages of 8 and 21.


Theta Rho Girls Clubs:

Theta Rho Girls Clubs are for girls between the ages of 8 and 21.

Advantages of Membership


An Odd Fellow or Rebekah may visit any one of the Odd Fellow or Rebekah Lodges in their Jurisdiction. All you need is your membership card. That entitles you to attend any meeting in your state. With the Annual (Traveling) Password, you may visit any Lodge in the country and many in Europe.


Word Hunger and Disaster Fund:

Sponsored by the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs a World Hunger and Disaster Fund has provided for immediate relief to both Odd fellows and Rebekahs, while also providing for financial support to others in need.


Arthritis Foundation & Health Care Agencies:

The Odd Fellows and Rebekahs are the major non-corporate contributors to the Arthritis Foundation, which is seeking a cure for that dreaded disease that causes so much pain and suffering to both the young and the old throughout the world.


Visual Research:

Odd Fellows and Rebekahs endow a $1 million dollar research chair at John Hopkins University School of Medicine.


UN Educational Tour for Youth:

Odd Fellows and Rebekahs sponsor an educational tour to the United Nations in New York and the U.S. and Canada capitals for young adults from around the world


Living Legacy Foundation:

Around the world members have been planting trees, shrubs, and flower gardens in public areas and on government lands showing their concern for the world’s environmental problems.

Locally Odd Fellows and Rebekahs:


Maintain more than 80 facilities for the aged and youth.

Spend $11 million annually in relief.

Provide activity meeting space for Scouting Troops, School Clubs and other Youth Activities.



Members are a vital link to Odd Fellow’s success on the local and world wide level.


Every Lodge should have a comprehensive recruitment plan for new members. When designing a plan, be sure to:

Explain Odd Fellows mission and benefits.

        Describe the Lodge's mission.

Provide a clear list of members responsibilities.

Set realistic membership goals.

Periodically evaluate the campaign and make necessary

adjustments that will improve the process in the future.



Prospective members are everywhere.

Wherever you go you are bound to meet someone you can talk to about your lodge.

Personal contacts are the very best source for developing interested prospects.


Invite a co-worker, who has expressed interest in a project you are working on, to accompany you to an activity or visit. Keep their special interest in mind at all times and point out a program they might be interested in.


Neighbors, friends, friends of friends, and even other fraternal members are all people to talk to about Odd Fellowship and your Lodge and projects and events members are undertaking. Make sure you follow up with a phone call and invite them to be your guest at the next social event.


Meeting of other organizations provide opportunities to discuss your Lodge and share information about Odd Fellowship. Frequently when you are working in collaboration with a person from another group that is involved in a community service project, you can talk about other projects you are involved in and make an attempt to interest that person in learning more about Odd Fellowship.


That person sitting next to you may not be from your home town, or even your state, but you can tell them about Odd Fellowship and offer to help them contact the Grand Lodge or Rebekah Assembly in their state to locate a lodge where they live.


Do not forget to invite your family members to become members. Grand Children are most responsive to their grand parents. Nieces and nephews are potential Junior members. Remember in-laws and cousins in other states.

Always carry an application form with you. It is not only an application but gives information about Odd Fellows and you can write your name and phone number on it.


Check List

To make certain you have grasped the essentials of marketing-orientated recruitment, ask yourself the following questions:




Do you network with others outside of your lodge?


Do you use every opportunity to tell people about Odd Fellowship’s programs?


Do you spread the word about Odd Fellowship wherever you go?


Does your lodge target all age groups, ethnic backgrounds and people who work both in and out of their homes?


Do you market your Lodge through ads, flyers, and a variety of public relations techniques?


Do you promote your Lodge when you are participating in fairs, seminars and other community projects?


Do you always follow-up with potential members by returning their phone calls and inviting them to an activity?


Does everyone in your lodge know that they are responsible for recruiting?


In addition to personal contacts, there are many other ways to increase your recruiting effectiveness. You can market membership all over town if you just unleash your imagination. Use an IOOF Odd Fellow or Rebekah Logo on your car. Through ads, news articles, brochures and flyers you can introduce Odd Fellow membership to:




Professional associations.


Clubs at local military bases.


Media outlets-including newspapers, radio, TV, cable stations, pennysavers, trade and business papers, regional magazines, computer networks.


Real Estate Offices, relocation departments of local companies, moving companies, chamber of commerce and Welcome Wagon.


Libraries, banks, market and clothing stores.


Community Centers and Senior Centers.


Non-affiliated organizations and sports.


Don’t overlook the many tools you have available through Odd Fellowship, your local Lodge, Grand Lodge and Rebekah Assembly of your Jurisdiction and Sovereign Grand Lodge Headquarters. Introduce new members by showing them:


    The Jurisdictional Odd Fellow / Rebekah Newsletter


    Your Lodge Newsletter


    Historical background material on Odd Fellowship


    Sovereign Grand Lodge, Jurisdictional & local brochures


    New Member Video Tape or Slides



The more you TELL, the more you SELL. So tell the benefits of Odd Fellowship whenever you can. Assure a prospective member that their experience will be rewarding, challenging and stimulating. When you take them to an event, be sure to introduce them to other members and make them feel they belong, right from the start. Today’s adults expect to gain a lot from fraternal affiliation, so point out the many benefits we offer:


Visibility in the community.


Networking opportunities.


Personal Growth & skill building opportunities.


Homes and Camps.


Cultural and Social activities.


Beautiful and Impressive Degrees.


Recognition and Jewel awards.


Friendship with a wide range of people from all walks of life.

Point out that your meetings are efficient, that there are many programs to choose from, the membership requirements are flexible and dues are reasonable.

Most important, tell prospective members that you are offering to sponsor them


Obviously, your marketing strategy will vary according to your audience. If you are discussing lodge membership with another adult you would personalize your “Pitch” according to what you know about them in terms of age, interests, available time, etc. You will want to show them some of the materials previously mentioned in this section and you might invite them to accompany you to a lodge event in the near future.

If you are speaking to a large audience, civic club, military auxiliary or a professional group - you would want a more formal presentation. This would be an opportunity to show some Membership slides, which should run about fifteen minutes, and be followed with a question-and-answer session. Have your Lodge brochure, membership applications and a Sovereign Grand Lodge brochure available for distribution.


An effective public relations program can enhance your efforts to increase membership in Odd Fellowship. All Lodges should have a public relations coordinator who works closely with the membership committee. Your Jurisdictional Public Relations Chairman can provide assistance.


While most people think in terms of public relations as getting attention from the media, it actually is much more than that. Public relations is the on-going process by which a favorable image of Odd Fellowship and Rebekah Lodges is created and projected to our many publics: members, potential members and the general public, as well as the media.


How Odd Fellowship is perceived in the community is vital to its ability to gain new members, raise funds and provide services. The more people know about what your lodge is doing and how successfully it is doing it, the more likely they want to become involved.  



Organizations are judged by everything they do and do not do. It is always important to think before you act or speak. In order to gain new members and keep current ones, you should be aware of your lodge’s image. Keep in mind that your policies and spokespersons play a major role in determining how it will be perceived. Consider the following:


If you want to attract the seventy-six percent of professional men and woman who volunteer (according to Independent Sector’s 1992 biannual report, “Giving and Volunteering”), consider holding your Lodge meeting when it is more convenient for more of your members.

While controversy should not purposely be avoided, always take member’s view into consideration when selecting speakers and be sure to present both sides.

When planning an event, check the calendar first to be sure not to schedule the event on a major religious holiday. Even if no member of your lodge celebrates a particular holy day, the fact that you are meeting on that day may turn off some prospective members who are observant.

When interviewed by a local reporter, don’t talk about all the problems your lodge is having getting new members or about how many members you have lost. People reading the article certainly will not be attracted to a lodge no one else wants to join.

When doing publicity, remember that the projects and programs your lodge is involved in, is the most important story to get out, not the way you decorated the lodge hall or the food served at a meeting.


Orientation for new members can be a valuable exercise for the entire Lodge. All participants benefit from learning more about each other and Odd Fellowship at the local, jurisdictional and world levels. Lodge Noble Grands, officers, membership chairmen, Past Grands and Past Noble Grands, and charter members should be encouraged to participate. Remember, orientation is an important opportunity to welcome new degree members. Informed members will remain active and enthusiastic for years to come.


New members may be honored at a regular meeting, at a special luncheon meeting or at an open house. You may want to hold a special round table discussion the same night of the week you meet in between meetings. Select the date and be sure to order necessary materials well in advance from your Grand Lodge or Rebekah Assembly, since the mail takes time. Send an invitation to each new member and get experienced members involved by asking them to be greeters, hosts and speakers.

Sample Program:

Prior to the Orientation Program, members may wish to start the meeting with an “Ice breaker”.

Be sure to remember name tags. 

  1. Opening

  2. Introduce Officers and Chairmen (Each should provide a brief explanation of their duties)

  3. Explain Odd Fellow and Rebekah Lodges. (Present a brief history of each.)

  4. Present general information such as dues, meetings, etc. for local, Jurisdictional and Sovereign levels.

  5. (Note that even though we have our own Rituals and Code Books, Robert's Rule of Order is the parliamentary authority.)

  6. Explain degrees, projects, programs, jewels, training opportunities, leadership development, Assembly and Grand Lodge attendance, district meetings, Special Sessions, and the International and Sovereign Grand Lodge Sessions.

  7. Explain Homes and Camps.

  8. Discuss membership benefits, requirements and responsibilities.

  9. Present lodge informational materials and explain: Lodge and District Directories, Bylaws, Code Books, Rituals, Instruction books, Newsletters and publications.

  10. Display the Odd Fellow and Rebekah Logos and explain their significance.

  11. Present an orientation kit to each new member, including: Lodge Newsletter, directory, Instruction book, information on how to order a pocket ritual or a charge book and list of available materials.

  12. For Ladies send for your green I.A.R.A. kit cover from Rebekah Assembly.

  13. Present each with a membership certificate obtained from Rebekah Assembly or Grand Lodge.

  14. Serve Refreshments.


Retaining current members is one of the many ways to help ensure the continued success and growth of your lodge and Odd Fellowship. Members stay in Odd Fellowship for such reasons as: personal growth, networking, belief in the goals of Odd Fellowship, joy of service and the opportunity to make a difference in their communities. Each member can help the lodge prosper by incorporating some or all of the following ideas.



Change meeting times to suit busy schedules (Breakfast, lunch hour, evenings.)


Survey members for program and project ideas-make sure the lodge is what the members want it to be.


Seek the best interests of everyone - ensure that all members share in the benefits of the group and take into account the interests of the public at large rather than the vested interests of a few.


Welcome and accept new ideas.


Develop special interest groups or meetings.


Determine reasons for dissatisfaction; if you lose a member, ask why?


Survey reactions to programs and projects.


Keep long-range goals in mind-remind others of questions such as: Where are we headed? Is this Lodge fulfilling its purpose? Do new conditions require a change of direction? Do present methods meet current and future needs?




Recognize efforts through awards or special acknowledgment, such as certificates, special pins or gestures of friendship.

Make sure members feel proud to be a part of an organization that is making a difference in the community, the nation and the world.

Provide written job descriptions for lodge members.



Be sure all members are familiar and comfortable with the opening and closing ceremony.

Plan regular orientation meetings for the benefit of new and existing members.

Review the Laws and customs.

Review parliamentary procedures.

Take part in your Grand Lodge and Rebekah Assembly’s Training and encourage fellow members to do the same.

Pair new members with experienced members who will meet with them, answer questions, sit with them and explain what is happening during the meeting, etc.

If you sponsored a new member, work with them and become their mentor.



Key into member’s interest.


Make sure members are part of a network of friendship.


Provide support in times of crises, including meals, visits, letters, cards and calls.


Recognize absences - let fellow members know you miss them.


Offer transportation to activities and meetings.


Involve family members in activities when possible, or hold special family events.


Plan activities in which members get to know each other.



Get information about lodges in the new area for Brothers and Sisters who are moving, and send their names to lodges in the area.



Leadership is crucial to membership retention. All too often when a lodge consolidates, it is because no one wishes to assume leadership positions. A Lodge can have members, programs, projects and a treasury, but may lack leaders. Basic leadership guidelines have been included here as a functional means of retaining members and developing leaders.




Meet commitments.


Follow a realistic schedule.


Conduct a periodic self-inventory and maximize own strengths.


Know true creativity is impossible without hard work.


Shun political infighting.


Confront difficulties squarely.


Get to the heart of problems and talk them out.



The successful team has:


A trust relationship among its members.


An attitude that is flexible and open.


Clear, properly developed goals, objects and expectations.


A focus on strengths.


A readiness to take on new and different challenges, problems and opportunities.


Accountability: feeling truly answerable for one’s actions as a leader and team member.




Expect the best. Believe that there are strengths, possibilities and value in all situations, people and events.


Develop an action plan. Each meeting, target all key wants and needs in advance, and list the priorities under each. Make sure you accomplish all needed actions before you undertake any wanted actions.


Prospect for gold. The average good leader perceives “good” potential in each team member. Help team members visualize possibilities, benefits and applications that they would never think of otherwise.


Radiate energy and a positive attitude.

Additional Informational and Promotional Materials: 

(Prices are subject to change.)


A “Charge Book” (a mini Ritual), Issued by the International Rebekah Assemblies and the Sovereign Grand Lodge, for $10.00, Inc. tax and shipping.

A New Member Green Folder and Member Certificate signed by the President of the Rebekah Assembly, free - one to each new member.

“Code of General Laws of the Independent Order Of Odd Fellows” 


All available from your Jurisdictional Secretary.

“The International Odd Fellow & Rebekah Paper” a bi-monthly publication, for subscriptions send $6.00 a year (10 or more Subscriptions for $5.00) to - I.O.O.F., 422 Trade Street NW, Winston- Salem, NC 27101


Pamphlets available from the Secretary of the International Association of Rebekah Assemblies or the Sovereign Grand Lodge Secretary, both located at:

422 N Trade ST, Winston Salem, N C 27101-2867


I.O.O.F. Web site WWW.IOOF.ORG


Area SGL/IARA Membership Chairmen


New Member’s names sent for awards form:


Sponsor's NAME___________________________________     New Member’s NAME___________________________________

Lodge Name & Number______________________________     New Member’s Address__________________________________

Lodge Address_____________________________________     New Member- City State & Zip Code_________________________


Lodge City State & Zip Code___________________________________________________________________________________

Award wanted? Yes _______ No _____________         DATE ADMITTED ________________________

 (Lodge Seal)


Sponsor's NAME___________________________________     New Member’s NAME___________________________________

Lodge Name & Number______________________________     New Member’s Address__________________________________

Lodge Address_____________________________________     New Member- City State & Zip Code_________________________


Lodge City State & Zip Code___________________________________________________________________________________

Award wanted? Yes _______ No _____________         DATE ADMITTED ________________________

 (Lodge Seal)



Sponsor's NAME___________________________________     New Member’s NAME___________________________________

Lodge Name & Number______________________________     New Member’s Address__________________________________

Lodge Address_____________________________________     New Member- City State & Zip Code_________________________


Lodge City State & Zip Code___________________________________________________________________________________

Award wanted? Yes _______ No _____________         DATE ADMITTED ________________________

 (Lodge Seal)



Mail New Member’s names to both: The Sovereign Grand lodge Office and Grand Lodge or Rebekah Assembly of CA.

SGL/IARA:    MAVIS PAULL, PIARAP,    Public Relations,    422 North Trade Street,    Winston-Salem, NC 27101-2867

For Odd Fellows:      Grand Lodge of CA ,   P.O. Box 2669,    Saratoga, CA 95070

For Rebekahs:        Rebekah Assembly of CA,    P.O. Box 637,    Gilroy, CA 95021


Information Request Form

Select the items that apply, and then let us know how to contact you.

Membership Manual

Send Your Name and address and

        $3.00 to:

NameDonald Lang
TitleMembership Chairman
Address11220 Monterey Court, Cupertino CA 95014



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