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These have been assembled to help you in you Membership Campaign

Power Point Presentations:

Down Load several Different Membership Presentations ...


Membership Manual:

You may download all or part of the Membership Manual for your own use.


Orientation Flip Chart:

This is a flip chart that has pictures on one side and 

A Text for the presenter to read on the other side.. 

You can purchase a tri-fold flip-chart Presentation folder that has 20 sleeves 

            and insert the ready made tool to use at open house.
Small Handouts you can download:

A Candy Wrapper to use for Table Favors

         Ode Card/Creed Card

Membership Banner 


Pamphlets you can request from Grand Lodge of California:


These are free from the Grand Lodge of California ...

Pamphlets you can request from Sovereign Grand Lodge:

These are free from the Sovereign Grand Lodge Public Relatiions ...





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