Just For Fun


Just For Fun

WE are Forming a



Red Hat Society


Rebekah's Only

Many of our Rebekahs now belong to or want to belong to "The Red Hat Society".

We are forming our own "Rebekah's of the Red Hat" Secret Society.

For women deciding to greet middle age with verve, humor, and Úlan.

The Great news is:

        we do not have meetings

        we do not have rules

        we do not have dues

        we do not have to do anything -----

but have FUN!

We do recognize each other by the wearing of:

bulletRed hats, 
I bought one at Wallmarts for $8.00
bulletPurple attire, the Glitzier the better 
This would be Fabulous in Purple...



We do recognize each other by the wearing of:



Accessorize is the thing. The more the merrier.

Too Young to Wear Purple. Then wear PINK.  

bulletHats- Pink for those under 40 
Add a Boa!!! Red-Purple
bulletLavender for those under 40, 
Or Go Casual!!!!

JUST!! Wear A Red Hat and Purple...............

to all functions that are not part of our ritual.

        Picnics, Parties, Social Functions that are not formal, etc.

We wear the Red Hats to remind us that "This is for Fun".

As a registered member:

    You may meet with other Red Hat members: 

            Have a non-Lunch, Breakfast, Run together, have coffee at McDonalds, etc.

Meet once a month- twice a year or whenever enough of you want to be together,  since there are no rules it can be any day of the week, any time of day or night, it can be up to the non-registration "Glorious Gracious Gregarious  Great Diva" who chooses the next outing. Remember this is by volunteering only or you can agree to pick names out of a hat (red of cause) or just wait for a volunteer to say they will do it. 

 **All Members are entitled to: Laugh out loud, Eat dessert first, Have the title of "Glorious Gracious Gregarious  Great Diva". All are equal and there is no leader.   The purpose is Just to have fun......

How do you join?

Show up at the Home Bar B Q  with a red hat......  



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